Interior Design trends 2015

Ethnic Prints

Ethnic fabrics, upholstery and prints look like they will be a popular trend this year. Adding a fresh pizazz to your home from far off exotic lands can break up boring bland interiors and if authentic, can be fantastic conversational pieces. So if you see a cushion, print or covering which is oozing with culture this year; don’t shy away.

Beige, Be Gone

Beige is one of those color palettes which has been a favorite for years. It is a safe color, it’s timeless and it works well as a base color for exciting plashes of color accents. It doesn’t have the edge it once has and its popularity has been waning over the past few years. I as well as countless other designers share the sentiment that the popularity of beige will continue in its demise. It’s one of those which will stay around in some form of strength but it’s lost its lustre. This year we will see a continuation of the unwinding of a strong but sterile trend.

Brass is Class

Brass has the ability to look ludicrously luscious or tantalizingly tacky. A number of years back I was taken around a designers showroom in China who specialised in brass-ware; it looked tacky and clichéd. It’s important to inspect designs which are executed poorly, to determine what mistakes to avoid. When done right, brass looks classy, it’s timeless, it’s also a trend which has been gathering steam over the past year. In 2015 we foresee a rise in the popularity of brass, particularly in the kitchen, bold brass bathtubs (as per the image below), lamp stands and other ornamental pieces.

Floral Influence

Floral designs and chint textiles, as per the picture below, is a growing trend, not only in the interior design world, but also in other markets such as fashion. When there is a lap over of a particular trend in more than one vertical market, in this case floral, the trend has a tendency to have staying power; the perfect storm one might say. This will be a strong trend in 2014 that you’ll see popping up everywhere, from billboards, shop windows, interior designs and commercials. Floral textiles are a great option for any new designs.


This is all about creating mood. Huge expanses of plain white, lifeless walls will be replaced with interest, mood and character. Think daring and valorous, making a statement with every element of the design. Interesting and metallic accessories will be the perfect accompaniment; supplementing, complimenting and adding to the glam. A weaker trend for 2014, but still growing at an increasing rate.

Hair on Hide

No longer is hide doomed to reside on the floor. Now in 2014, we’ll see this hair on high. Off the floor and promoted onto couches, settee’s, consoles, tables and cushions. We’ve seen a lot more of hair on hide in the Grand Designs Live exhibition, which has caused our mental faculties to be alerted to this trend across the internet. Natural is best, but also comes with a level of controversy. There are big voices out there who cry out against using animal skin, however there are now humane ways of obtaining the hides, hides which would have been otherwise wasted (sadly enough).

Compatible Colors & Accents

In 2014 there’ll be a move towards versatility. Instead of having one set look, we’ll see a base hues enlivened with accents of color which’ll bring a monotonous box into a fresh lively room. We’re talking bright chromatic splashes over unsaturated undertones. It’s a fresh and lively trend which invigorates the senses and perks up the spirit.

Lighter Colored Woods

Light, fresh looking, honey toned woods look to be in this year. The overzealous use of rich, deep toned woods which has been popular in design over the past 5 years could be the catalyst for this honey-fresh movement. Oak and cherry are both fantastic options here; both in design, durability and aesthetic appeal. Go for high quality, don’t be stingy with the cost as it’ll be an elegant and exquisite show piece for generations to come. This trend has been growing steadily over the past 5 years and is continuing to take ground.

Parisian Soft Black & White

It’s been a staple in interior design over the years, but now we’re seeing a shift to softer tones of black and white, taking that harsh edge off of the contrast. The softer tones are easier on the eye, they’re comfy and relaxing, yet they don’t take the edge off the swank. This is a trend which has been evolving over the past couple of years and evidence from the design hemisphere shows a continuation in strength over 2014. An almost timeless trend that will look good for a long time to come.


Modern yet reminiscent of timeless designs; people are flocking back to those immortal traditional designs and have been for a few years. When done right, it is safe and will stand the test of time. In an economy where keeping up with the Jones’s may not be financially feasible, going with something that is never going to drift out of fashion is a secure strategy.