European Brushed Oak Collection

We're proud to offer the Jasper European Brushed Oak Collection. This distressed oak hardwood offers an even harder, more durable product than North American oak can. There's a reason the saying "strong as an oak" has lasted throughout the ages - this floor will endure in your space. In addition to timeless appeal, the Jasper European Brushed Oak Collection will bring you:

  • The beauty of oak: A brushed, slightly-distressed surface lends to a rustic feel while accentuating the oak's natural grain
  • Timeless and versatile: With five shades available, including white, charcoal, coffee, sky gray, titanium gray, and natural, this oak flooring will work with any design scheme
  • Brushed surfaces enhance appeal: Timeless hardwood flooring that delivers old-world-style with a modern palette
  • Installation method: This nail down product can be installed above grade. With tongue and groove edges, a tight installation is ensured
  • Strong and durable: Rated 1400 on the Janka Hardness scale, this hardwood is suitable for residences and most commercial spaces
  • Plank Dimensions: Thickness: 3/4"; Length: Random Lengths (15" to 79" with an average length of 33"); Width: 4 3/8"

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