Roofing Trends 2015

This year’s roofing trends put more emphasis on green building materials, earthy and nature-inspired roof shingles, and roofing styles that feature arches and curves to allow for different architectural finishing textures. The 2015 roofing trends demonstrate that the roofing industry is keeping pace with green technology while also appealing to younger homebuyers who are looking for more stylish roofs.

This year’s trends in roofing serve as a prelude into what will be trending in residential roofing in 2016. Based on this year’s trends, 2015 roofing trends will have even greater emphasis on eco-friendly materials for new builds and roof replacement. Laminated asphalt, sustainable roofing, like cedar shakes and shingles, and roofing tiles will be popular building materials, while the color of roofing will be on the light side.

More Solar-Ready Roofs on the Horizon

This solar shingle uses mono-crystalline silicon solar cells to capture solar energy.

Roofing manufacturers continue to apply the latest green technology into roofing materials and the varied selection of solar roofing options is a result of their efforts. Choices include photovoltaic roofing systems, tile solar roofing, solar shingles and photovoltaic modules. Most can be installed on existing roofs as well as new roofs. With solar roofs, homeowners are able to harness the thermal energy from the sun and convert it into electricity to reduce their reliance on the electrical grid and reduce carbon emissions. Savings are realized by lower energy bills and, in some municipalities, the ability

Asphalt Shingles Remain Top Choice

According to the Ohio-based market analyst Freedonia Group, demand for asphalt shingles will continue to rise in 2015 and beyond. However, there will be higher demand for laminate asphalt shingles because of their durability, dimensional style and color blend options. The Freedonia Group market report expects an 80% jump in demand for laminated asphalt in 2015.

Also gaining in popularly next year are composite shingles and asphalt shingles with cooling granules that make them more energy efficient. The demand is in line with the green roofing trend that continues to gain momentum across the country.

Reflective Roof Coatings Shine Bright

Reflective roof coatings can reduce heat buildup on the surface of the roof, making the interior of the home more comfortable in hot weather. The evolution of cool building materials will continue in 2015 with greater demand for reflective roof coatings for existing roofs that can be applied in the field. A reflective roof coating is put on dark-colored roofing materials to cool down the roof’s surface by reflecting the heat from the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere.

According to the cool roof rating council, cool roofing is the fastest growing sector of the roofing industry as more homeowners recognize how cool roofs can make a home more comfortable and energy efficient during summer months. As a result of its popularity, the types of cool roofing products are also increasing, with acrylic, silicone, latex and polyurethane among the types of field-applied coatings.

Part of the appeal of reflective roof coatings is its affordability and return on investment. Homeowners realize reduced energy costs rather quickly and see a decrease in roof maintenance costs because cool roofs last longer than average roofing.

Roof’s Lighten Up

like 2014, roofing colors in 2015 will be on the light side because they absorb less heat from the sun’s rays. This year, shades of blues and neutrals are trending, specifically shingles that have a mix of color tones. For this year, the feature calming colors like light gray and rosy browns; sophisticated tones, including off white, silver and light mauve; and reflective colors, such as turquoise blue.

Each year, the roofing industry unveils the latest developments inspired by technology and consumer demand. Roof functionality has always been a driving force with trends, but as in 2014, and more so in 2015, fashion will play a role as more homeowners seek stylish roofing that has character and architectural interest. However, two trends that will be mainstays for years to come are green roofing and cool roofs as interest in protecting the environment continues to grow.