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The first of its kind on the market, the St Erhard 4mm White Oak Real Feel collection brings customers an exclusive embossed-in-register Vinyl flooring with a glueless installation method. Aligning texture with grain for the first time in a Vinyl plank click lock board, this exclusive collection offers customers:

  • Cutting edge embossed-in-register technology: new to the vinyl scene, these planks have the most detailed wood look of their kind. Finished with an embossed-in-register surface, St Erhard offers an authentic wood look and feel that is unparalleled by any other vinyl flooring manufacturer.
  • Simple, innovative installation: ideal for the DIYer, these planks snap in place with an easy to follow click lock system and micro beveled edges. Unlike other specialty EIR floors, these gorgeous white oak planks can be installed without messy glue, and all the headaches that come with it.
  • Waterproof planks: perfect for any room with excess humidity, these impermeable planks are able to stand up sprinkles, slops, and spills without cupping, warping, or gapping. These planks are a great alternative to solid hardwoods, without sacrificing that timeless wood look in your bathroom, kitchen, or restaurant.
  • Uncompromised air quality: St Erhard is proud to offer customers FLOORSCORE certified flooring. The highest guarantee for indoor air quality, these vinyl floors will keep your house stylish and your families safe from harmful VOC emissions.
  • Soft, quiet, and comfortable flooring: manufactured with a pliable PVC core and a sound installation system, these floors will cushion every step without a squeak. Able to support radiant heat, these floors are a great option for the cozier areas in your home like your bedroom, living room, or den. Go ahead take your socks off.
  • Radiant heat compatible: yes (water radiant heat)
  • Wear layer thickness: 0.55mm; Advanced Protection
  • Plank dimensions: 7.25x48 and 4 mm thick

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