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Protect your floors from water damage with the 8mm SplasH2O vinyl flooring collection. With the appearance of real wood without the maintenance hassle, this versatile, high-quality flooring is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom or for commercial applications where water and other liquid spills are common. The 8mm SplasH2O Collection offers you:

  • Great design options for high-moisture areas: achieving a wood grain look for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, or basement without risk of moisture damage
  • The elegance of natural wood flooring: this Swiss-made vinyl flooring replicates the appearance of natural wood in four different colors
  • Easy UNICLIC installation for large spaces: the unique UNICLIC system makes installing this floor quick and easy; you can lay up to 4000 square feet (with a maximum length of 60 feet) without expansion joints
  • Great choice for high-traffic commercial areas: restaurants, cafs and many other businesses will benefit from this floorings durability and moisture protection
  • Robust post-purchase support: 25 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty
  • Protection level: intermediate
  • Radiant heat compatible: yes (water radiant heat)
  • Plank dimensions: W 12" (304.8mm) x L 36" (914.4mm)
  • Plank thickness: 8mm
  • Wear layer thickness: 0.3mm
  • Seamlessly combines with 9.5mm Matterhorn Collection without transitions

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